The Baker

The Bakery

Before becoming a bakery, the house was a countryside restaurant in the 80s. This adventure was a great success, thanks to Francine (Léandre’s wife who studied cooking at the ITHQ) and to the fresh farm produce, the taste of this international cuisine was very popular.

In 1985, the house became the bakery we know today. Léandre kneads five times a week a variety of home baked breads; whole wheat bread, white bread, rye bread, Moroccan bread, baquettes, and his famous croissants. All whole grains are stoneground on location and his breads are sold at the health food store La Semence.


In 2002, after many discussions with the MAPAQ, Léandre decides to give (rather than sell) his bread, suggesting to customers a voluntary contribution. The law does not allow production of food in a personal kitchen if it is destined to wholesale or if you produce more than 100 kg per month, article 1.4.4.


Also available at the store, his “intégral” 100% whole wheat bread, spelt bread, wheat croissants, pita bread, bagels and many other home baked goods like the delicious cookies, brownies, muffins, date squares, pizzas & spanakopitas.



















NEWS from the MAPAQ

A MESSAGE from LÉANDRE –January 4th 2016 :

Mr. Pierre Paradis, Minister of the MAPAQ, has sent me a favorable response. My bread is no longer in danger of extinction, thanks to you.

Thank you, Léandre.


CBC Radio interview, January 8th 2016





The MAPAQ told Léandre on October 30th 2015 that they soon would confiscate his ”illegal” bread (baked at home and offered to the customers of La Semence, with voluntary contribution). After 30 years of bread making in his kitchen, Léandre may be forced to stop. Interviews and articles available in French here : Le boulanger

To help Léandre, you may write a support letter to the MAPAQ (or simply fill in this one  : MAPAQ available only in French for the moment) and send it to this address :

M. Guy Caron, Directeur général de l’inspection des aliments du MAPAQ au 5195 Boul. des Forges, Bureau 55, Trois-Rivières, Qc G8Y 4Z3   Tél.: 819-371-6844 – Fax.: 819-371-4907

Thanks !