Le Hobbitant Born in 1933 in St-Lupicin Manitoba, Léandre is the 8th child of a family of 11. His mother’s family is originally from Auvergne, in France and his father is from Quebec. His family quickly sees in him the future priest of the family but he will decide otherwise. He leaves for France in the late 50s to study litterature. At his return to Canada, he finds work as a French teacher at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, where Annick (his eldest daughter from a first marriage) is born. He then heads to Montreal to teach litterature at Concordia University (named at the time Sir George Williams).

Petit manuel d'histoire du QuébecIn 1970 he writes the Petit Manuel d’histoire du Québec (The History of Quebec), bestseller published at 100,000 copies. Many more books will follow.

A few years later, in 1973, he buys a property in McWatters, near Rouyn-Noranda, in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region. He leaves Montreal and his teaching career, to build a house and farm with his wife Francine. Three girls will be born and raised on the farm, Déirdre, Phèdre & Cassandre.


leandre3In 1982 is published his Dictionnaire de la langue québécoise (The Québécois Dictionary) which will animate many passionate debates around the differences between the French and the Québécois languages.

In Abitibi, while writing many other books (see the menu Books) he opens a family country restaurant (inside the family home) with his wife Francine. At the end of the 80s, the family home becomes a bakery.

Today he still bakes bread five times a week, in the warm atmosphere of his countryside home.

The complete detailed biography Léandre Bergeron Né en exil (Born in Exil) is available, but only in French for the moment.Né en exil 2007


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